A Home Theater in Ludhiana, Punjab

We had an opportunity of handling this project, which we can define as the epitome of modern living – a chic modern smart home designed to seamlessly blend luxury, convenience, and cutting-edge technology. Step into a realm where every aspect of your living space is intelligently curated to enhance your lifestyle. Let the ambiance greet you as lighting automation sets the perfect mood for every occasion, whether it’s a cozy evening in or entertaining guests. With a simple voice command or tap on your smartphone, the lighting effortlessly adjusts to your preferences, illuminating your home in harmony with your activities.

Welcome to a realm where luxury meets functionality, where every element of your home is intelligently connected to enrich your lifestyle. This is more than just a dwelling – it’s a sanctuary where innovation and sophistication converge to redefine modern living.

Exterior & Elevation

In the exterior / elevation of a modern house, integrating lighting automation and gate motors offers a myriad of benefits that enhance convenience, security, and efficiency. Lighting automation enables homeowners to effortlessly control and schedule lighting throughout their property, optimizing energy usage and creating desired ambiance with the touch of a button or even through voice commands. This not only enhances comfort but also promotes energy efficiency, reducing utility costs and environmental impact. Furthermore, gate motors streamline access to the property, and exterior cameras gives continous survillance, providing enhanced security by allowing for controlled entry and exit. This feature not only adds to the convenience of homeowners but also enhances safety and privacy. Together, lighting automation and gate motors elevate the modern house by blending technological innovation with practical functionality, ultimately creating a more comfortable, secure, and efficient living environment.


This project is at the epitome of what can be defined as a smart home. With carefully planned electrical design with smart home integrations and configuration tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of the homeowner. From intelligent lighting controls to state-of-the-art audio and video distribution systems, every aspect of the home’s electrical infrastructure is meticulously planned and implemented to ensure optimal performance and functionality. With advanced automation features, residents can effortlessly control their lighting, audio, and video devices using intuitive interfaces such as smartphones or voice commands, enhancing convenience and comfort. Our expert team of technicians ensures seamless integration and flawless operation, delivering a truly immersive and enjoyable living experience for homeowners.


Backend Products & Installation: anterBox
Keypads: JUNG
Touchscreens: anterBox


Speakers: Monitor Audio
Amplifires: Yamaha
Multiroom Interface: anterBox


Main Controller: anterBox
Sensors: Securico & Texecom
Cameras: Honeywell


WiFi Mesh: Grandstream
WiFi Controller: Grandstream
Network Switches: DLink