Monitor Audio 5.1 Channel Home Theatre, Ludhiana

Home Theatre, Ludhiana

Alright so here we have something not so fancy but yes it does have the same ‘WOW’ factor in the audio equipment placed here. This is something for the enthusiasts, i mean look at the image above, it’s stylish, elegant and sexy. So we have placed up here a 5.1 channel Home theatre, Ludhiana. and it’s enough for the space it rocks up the whole house with just these speakers. It’s placed in the common area as you may be able to judge by the photos, but the viewing distance is about 14 feet. The color tone is well built in this space almost of Orange and teal, which gives a neutral tone and is soothing for the eyes. This is a versatile system where you can even enjoy the music as well as movies are a blast, what i mean is that if you start a Marvel movie and the intro of that sounds just like you’re sitting in a huge movie hall and it’s the same experience. What lockdown mostly took away from people like me was this only and what more you can enjoy than this.

OK so let’s talk about the equipment. The left and right are Monitor audio – Monitor 200 tower speakers, center is Monitor Audio C150, surrounds are Monitor 50 and for bass we have JBL Stage A120P. If we only talk about the tower speakers which gets low as 40 Hz, let’s say for argument sake you actually don’t need a subwoofer this space for music cuz they have sufficient bass and have amazing highs in which if you try to listen to some coke studio stuff or rock music, you’ll feel like you’re sitting there enjoying a live concert where you can experience all of the instruments blended together. But if you are a fan of bass you can turn it on, but if you ask me i only turn the subwoffer on when i listen to Michael Jackson, the mastering on his tracks it just out of the world. He was way ahead of his time.

I love this space, it’s really eye appealing. Also look at that grey and orange tone from the speakers i love that, those can be distracting sometimes but they are seriously well built. So these speakers are in competition with Dali Spektor series but from experience if i say these are better they have better throw, better lows and mids. I am not a fan of mids so whenever i am installing speakers the first thing I do is adjust the EQ and lower the mids. Not a personal fan it’s just my view point. Ok so back to the equipment we have a Yamaha 585 Amplifier, it’s a 7 channel amp but we place 5 and the tower speakers are installed with Bi-Amp wiring. what’s bi-amp wiring? in this case we install two wires for one speaker, So that means that the tweeter is getting one feed and the bass units are getting the other feed from the amp. This brings down the load on the amp and increases the quality, it’s questionable but it does make a difference, the clarity is amazing.

I do ask my clients to install a UPS for the equipment, these are delicate equipment, i just wanna stress this a lot that WE NEED A UPS. All the power is distributed from the UPS to the amp, subwoofer, router, PC, Screen. We have installed an APC UPS, now the only function of a UPS is not just backup, it’s surge protection.

Alright so screen, We have a Sony Bravia 32 inch display which is adequate compared to the viewing distance because if it is bigger than this then it might hurt the eyes of the viewer. Now sony’s displays are incomparable in the market, they bring out the best panels for LEDs, have amazing color depth and are sharp most of all. So i guess small screen or big screen doesn’t make a difference. Also i am a sony camera owner as well so I would say they do know they are doing.

Let’s talk about the surround effects, so I am a huge dork when it comes to Harry potter or MCU movies, now TV shows as well, DC Movies or something of Christopher Nolan, etc, you get it right. In theaters I used to book my tickets in the center of the theater to get the full experience. Now you know how much I care about getting good sound effects and my oh my, this checks all the boxes. Bass check, dialogue check, surround check, screen clarity check. What more do you need, right? So when I experienced that scene from Deathly Hallows Part 2 in which voldemort is inside everyone’s head demanding Harry potter to come forward, Ohh that gave me chills. You wanna experience that again? You gotta have one of these.

Alright see you in the next post.

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