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Features of a Smart Home | Home Automation Punjab

Now making a smart home is is not just getting some retro fit devices and configuring with your smartphone and you got a smart home. In this post I'll be explaining you some features of a Smart Home and what is the proper way to achieve how a reliable smart home works. First of all it's now done with retro fitted products and secondly it's not achieved with wireless devices. There's a video uploaded on YouTube in which I explained some of the features, these are divided into three categories, which are :- Lighting AutomationAudio/Video ControlSecurity Lighting Automation includes lights...
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Monitor Audio 5.1 Channel Home Theatre, Ludhiana

Home Theatre, Ludhiana Alright so here we have something not so fancy but yes it does have the same 'WOW' factor in the audio equipment placed here. This is something for the enthusiasts, i mean look at the image above, it's stylish, elegant and sexy. So we have placed up here a 5.1 channel Home theatre, Ludhiana. and it's enough for the space it rocks up the whole house with just these speakers. It's placed in the common area as you may be able to judge by the photos, but the viewing distance is about 14 feet. The color tone...
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9.2 Channel Home Theater in Ludhiana

home theatre, ludhiana
Experiencing a movie in a theater has always been something for enthusiasts to be passionate about. Now we go to theaters to enjoy that. Titanic was released back up again just because James Cameron left out a minute detail of the stars being not positioned right. Now if that is how much effort the artist put up, you need to experience all the details which are put up on those movies/ tv shows. This Home Theater which we brought to life in Ludhiana, Punjab is one of a kind. 180 inch perforated screen in the front which gives the full...
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Intro To Home Automation | Home Theatre

VLog 1, Explaining some features of Smart Homes What are smart homes? Some of us know what a smart home can do just because of all the major brands like Amazon Alexa or Google Home or Apple Homekit. Now, the thing is that we have seen them working over the videos and we've seen the software part of the system which looks fancy. But do we only need software to control these systems? No. There's also hardware part of the system which takes the command which you are going to give and get executed. Of course when you see the...
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