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Lighting Automation

Lighting Control

App | Keypad | Normal Switch integration

The most advanced and required feature of a lighting automation system is a centralized access of your complete home. Having a centralized control means to have a mobile application to control your lighting and mood settings for your home.

This enables you to access all the areas location anywhere in your home and control their lighting / curtains etc.

Centralized control means weather you control lighting from keypads, mobile app or normal switches the whole system knows what mood is to be activated and from which button was the mood activated.

This also enables to logging on the system.

Whatever that is automated in your home, you have its complete control on the mobile app. Be it:
1. Lighting
2. Curtains
3. Air Conditioning
4. Audio System
5. Televisions
6. Security System
7. CCTV System
8. Locks
9. Motorized Gates

Weather you are inside your home or outside it. You will be able to control these via the application

We can place multiple keypads over the premises to control the system.
Keypads come under a lot of variants 2 scene, 4 scene, 8 scene, etc. We place them throughout the home so that we can create moods through them.

Generally, we prefer to install touch screens in the common areas rather than keypads.

Though, for keypads, we can install NO-NC based keypads of different brands and make them compatible with our system.

Wherever, ease of use is required, normal switches comes to the rescue.

Though automation is done in a particular area, sometimes for user friendliness we tend to install normal switches in the areas where maids have access, or for aged person’s room. As they have a habit to use the conventional tick-tock switches. So we integrated those normal switches with our system and they act as two-way switches with the automation.

Everyone fancies to talk to alexa or google home.

Our system is compatible with both of them. All you need it just ask alexa to perform any action, she’ll do.

Hey google, turn on the lights

Alexa, open the curtains

That shall do the trick!