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Now making a smart home is is not just getting some retro fit devices and configuring with your smartphone and you got a smart home. In this post I’ll be explaining you some features of a Smart Home and what is the proper way to achieve how a reliable smart home works. First of all it’s now done with retro fitted products and secondly it’s not achieved with wireless devices.

There’s a video uploaded on YouTube in which I explained some of the features, these are divided into three categories, which are :-

  • Lighting Automation
  • Audio/Video Control
  • Security

Lighting Automation includes lights on/off, dimming, timers, and scenes. These all work with an application which is installed in your Laptop, Smart phones and tablets. So you can access your house from any of these devices. you can switch individual lights from your smartphone which works as a switch also physical switches or scene controllers are installed in various areas of the house for easier access. You might be thinking what are scenes or what are scene controllers? Ok, so scenes are programmed in the house and what happens when you activate a scene is that multiple actions are performed with one single click, for eg. All off, All on, Low lighting, medium lighting, party mode, movie mode. In one scene you can change the intensity of light, which light to turn on, which to turn off, curtains to stay open or close, which music to play and where to play. This is all done with one click of a button. Isn’t that cool.? The function of timers is that it is configured with the elevation lights interlinked with sunrise and sunset.

The Audio system which is installed in the house we integrate with our automation system and also plays specific playlists with timers, for eg. morning playlist, evening playlist. these will automatically play at their time and stop automatically at the locations. Also, integrated with the lighting control, so if someone activates party mode, light setup will change and the party playlist will start in the house. so the possibilities are endless with this system.

We install security system in the house and the sensors give feed to the server and the application gives you details of all the sensors and display over your application. We install door open/close sensor, glass breaking sensors or vibration sensors, all over the house to secure the house of any possibility of intrusion. If in a worst case scenario there is any intrusion the the system will give you an SMS and E-mail alert and also a hooter is installed, or if you want then all the lights can also be turned on to scare of the intruder. As i said earlier the possibilities are endless.

You can’t get these kind of features when you install all the retro fitted systems in a house and go wireless, our system is all centralized and wired for a seamless experience.

smart homes, lighting plan
The Party area
Drawing of the Party Area

As you can see in the image, We do all the pre planning before hand so that there is no discrepancy in the future so we are involved in the construction of the house at the planning stage only. Although, there are changes but with plans before hand there is no major problems faced by the client. The drawing which you see in the image shows the electrical layout of the house. In this case we had two automation servers one controlling the outer part of the house and the other controlling the indoor house. It’s easier for the user to trace operate and for us to execute when this much area of the house is involved. Though the system is divided both the servers constantly in touch and communicating with each other, as the area was huge we had to lay down Optic Fiber cable for the communication to be with low latency. We don’t want any lag in the system, it’s irritating for us as well as the user.

We use Mesh routers mostly of Ubiquity, In this house we used Ubiquity AC LR, now what mesh routers do is that they give you one single SSID, name of the WiFi, and even when you roam around the house there is no disrupted WiFi, and all we need is that, a good wifi.

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