A work of art!

Home is a place where we find ourselves at peace. This home where we just concluded our work is a work of art! The neutral tone running through out the house with whites, greys and beige is just mesmerizing.

Being a work of art it’s not just a conventional house, it’s installed with all the modern equipment with all the smartness and intelligence of the modern world. Everything is automated from the entrance of the house. Gate motor control, waterbody control, lighting control, music control, everything is on your app to let control your home in a more sophisticated way.

Look at that! What else we could say if not Artwork!

In this point of time a home needs a Home theater and this home is accoutered with 5.2.4 Dolby Atmos Home Theater with a 150 inches screen and Sony’s 4k projector is used to give our the most detailed image, it is world class.

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A bold Smart Home