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9.2 Channel Home Theater in Ludhiana

Experiencing a movie in a theater has always been something for enthusiasts to be passionate about. Now we go to theaters to enjoy that. Titanic was released back up again just because James Cameron left out a minute detail of the stars being not positioned right. Now if that is how much effort the artist put up, you need to experience all the details which are put up on those movies/ tv shows.

This Home Theater which we brought to life in Ludhiana, Punjab is one of a kind. 180 inch perforated screen in the front which gives the full Theater experience because it is wide and flat. The Front channel speakers which are Left, Right and Center (LCR) are behind the screen. Now the reason for the speakers to put up behind the screen is just because it looks clean and tidy when you are enjoying a movie and you feel like the dialogue is crisp and emersive. We also placed the subwoofers at the corners in the front which aren’t visible to the user, Making false walls is the only way to get this kind of look. If we talk about walls, whatever you see here if brought in about 1 feet ahead from left and right to ensure we get better acoustics, sound proofing and also this helps us to manage the equipment better. The ceiling is all wooden and and the front were the screen is mounted is brought about 4 feets in.

The equipment list is :-

  • Dali Oberon 7 Floorstanders
  • Dali Oberon Vokal
  • Dali E80 – 3 Pairs
  • SVS SB1000 & Polk DSW 660
  • Marantz 6015
  • Epson TW-7100

As you see in the photos of how clean this looks with just the placements of the speakers. Also we placed the surrounds in the ceiling only which had clean white trimless finish. There are 3 pair of ceiling speaker, 1 pair for each row. These are Dobly Atmos enabled speakers so which you guys go and try to enjoy such movies in Delhi or other Metropolitan cities you can enjoy that at home only. One pair is for surround mids, Second for Atmos and last for Surround Back. To those who don’t know what Dolby Atmos is, It’s stated as 7.2.2, meaning 7 speakers for all the traditional sound effects, then 2 subwoofers and 2 Atmos effect speakers, in lay man terms 9.2. So this Home theater is 7.2.2.

Dolby Atmos is actually a technology in which the two ceiling speaker gives the overhead effects, for eg. a helicopter moves from back to front from above the head. So it gives the full effect from back to atmos speaker to the front.

Ok so let’s talk about the wiring of the whole system. We have put up single wire to single speaker from the amplifier. It’s all laid during the pre planning time. We decided this system before hand so that we don’t face any problems in the future. There goes one HDMI to the projector from the amplifier and all the sources are plugged in to the amp.

I guess that’s all for the explaining part, rest is all experiencing.

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